Dr. Laura Osteen - Director, Center for Leadership and Civic Education

"I was overwhelmed with joy and surprise at his ability to turn our conversation into a tangible, larger than life statement of my life philosophy... "

Dr. Laura Osteen - Director, Center for Leadership and Civic Education at FSU


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Ben Levenson - Origins Recovery

"Not only did Paul's work reflect his exceptional creative and photographic talent, but he was an extremely professional project manager... "

Ben Levenson - Chairman/CEO, Origins Recovery Centers


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About the Company

Learn About the History and Artist behind Sheetz Design

Paul and His Grandfather

Sheetz Design® specializes in multimedia design promoting the goods and services of your business in an intuitive and insightful manner. Web design/development, graphic design, illustration, editorial writing, photography, and video make up the portfolio of client work. Constantly learning and expanding, Sheetz Design has keen eye for well-executed design, and believes ideas that blend boundaries between disciplines have the greatest potential.

Paul Sheetz is the business owner and designer behind Sheetz Design. Paul's passion extends into early life where, outside of sports, much of his free time was spent practicing his love for art and design. Upon graduation in 2008, from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Design, Paul enthusiastically filled a UX Designer position at Air Padre in south Texas until late 2012.

In 2014, Paul completed graduate school from IIT in Chicago (MBA / Master of Design) with a focus on human-centered design for product development. Currently, he's employed as a UX Researcher in San Francisco, CA. Paul applies structured design and research methods to improve the customer experience for nationally scaled services.

"Professional, Creative, and Elite Design"


Sheetz Design strives to uphold all instances of professionalism throughout the workplace, client interaction, and business practices. We believe that implementing effective communication, leadership, and strategy in a professional atmosphere will allow each project to properly flourish.


By continually utilizing the thought process in order to analyze problems and create the best possible solutions, we understand creativity is paramount. Whether it be designing an overhaul of a website or branding of a new business, we never lose sight of our creative processes and fresh ideas.


Aspiring to be the best in the business, Sheetz Design consistently looks to raise the bar in effort to become the elite industry leader. Never settling for ordinary, we pride ourselves on our extraordinary skill and hard work put forth towards every project.

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