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"As an developer and builder, time and creativity is paramount in any decision I make. Paul designed and implemented a first class web site for me... "

Al Giachetti - President, JAG Homes Design


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Logo Design

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Portfolio of Logos and Branded Icons

Thank you for taking the time to browse our portfolio of logos created for businesses around the world. We have established a specific niche designing and creating kitesurfing logos, kiteboarding logos, and other water sports logos. Contact us if you are looking to create a new kitesurfing logo, and need design help. If you are interested in learning more and seeing the start-to-finish design process of each image, please scroll down the page. Every logo has a brief history and description. If you like my style and need to design a logo, then contact me directly with your new idea! I would love to be a part of your design project.

Final Kiteboard Brasil Logo


Kiteboard Brasil approached me to create their internet website logo. David, the owner of KiteboardBrasil.com worked for Air Padre Kiteboarding here in South Padre Island before moving back to Brasil to pursue his own companies windyaddiction.com and kiteboardbrasil.com. He wanted an easily distinguishable symbol that could be used on websites, bumper stickers, t-shirts, and business cards alike. After a few preliminary sketches we settled on a Rockwell type and with a super imposed kiteboard kiteloop image that I took during a sunset session here in South Padre.

Final Baylink Corp. Logo

Baylink Corp.

Baylink Corporation came to me through Jimmy Brylinke (Gulf Coastin) to develop a professional looking logo that could be used for their real estate business. After submitting to them a wide range of logo ideas (image 1 to the right), they decided to go with the signature look. I used a fine tip paint brush and India Ink to layout an assortment of Baylink rough drafts (image 2 on the right). From there, I scanned and assembled the best pieces from the pen and ink drafts into one single signature image. Polished it up and added 'Corp.' to the bottom portion using Bookman Old Style italic font.

Final CKA Logo

Collegiate Kiteboarding Association

The Collegiate Kiteboarding Association (CKA) logo was based off of an image of a kiteboarder unhooked from his kite in a wakestyle move. The lines of kite are running through the letters, turning negative as they move through the letters. The goal of the logo was to create a clean and concise image that can be used throughout a variety of mediums and sizes, while still staying readable and recognizable. The letters of 'CKA' were created for this logo alone, and the written words below are in Futura font.

Final American Wind Symphony Logo

American Wind Symphony Orchestra

American Wind Symphony Orchestra logo produced as a volunteer project for the local 'El Paseo Arts Foundation' on South Padre Island. El Paseo Arts Foundation is a community organization that brings art, music, and cultural events to the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas. The American Wind Symphony is an very interesting orchestra that performs solely on the a boat. The traveling orchestra plays on the ship depicted in the drawing within the logo. Being such a unique and integral part of the wind symphony, I felt a creative image of the ship needed to be present in the image to convey the picture. The AWSO logo was mainly used on promotional fliers and graphic design posters preceding the event.

Final Action Air Kiteboarding Logo

Action Air Kiteboarding

I was approached to do a logo for Action Air Kiteboarding during an event on South Padre. The business is still in the making, but hopefully I will see it spring up soon, as don't want to see the work I did go to waste.

Wait For Green Logo

Wait For Green

Wait for Green is a band I met up with in Tallahassee, Florida while attending Florida State University. After playing in Tallahassee for a number of years, Wait for Green has now moved to southern California to continue their music career. The logo is meant to depict life in the roots of the tree below the earth. As if we are waiting for the green to sprout up above ground from its dormant state below the soil.

SPI Kite Round-Up Final

South Padre Island Kite Round-Up

The SPI Kite Round-Up is a kiteboarding contest, event, and demo on South Padre Island, Texas. After going through several remodels of the logo, I have ended up with this final version with hand drawn type and an eroded finish. Some particular parts that I like about the image are the barbed wire encasing the logo, the illustration of the horns, and the curved type. You can download the font on the Round-Up Font page within the Type Design portion of the portfolio. Notice how the words on the bottom say curve upwords and they spell out 'Round-Up'!

Final Logo

Triton Kiteboarding

Triton Kiteboarding - at Eckerd College - is a kiteboarding club and instruction center. Since Poseidon (God of the Sea) carries a trident, and is father to Triton (Messenger of the Sea) we decided to include him in the image as the main figure. Below and around the God are several kiteboarding kites using the winds on the ocean. Poseidon is attempting to grab one of the kites out of the sky with his right hand, while raising his trident in effort to come down across the others.

Final Always Open Safe and Lock

Always Open Safe and Lock

Always Open Safe and Lock is a locksmith business on South Padre Island, Texas. A good friend Monte Cantu owns and operates the safe and locksmith business. I wanted to achieve a simple and elegant design that was very legible and conveyed the whole message. Helvetica Neue is the typeface of choice for the words, and a simple open lock for the graphic portion. Originally the lock was closed, and Monte proposed the idea that it be unlocked, which in hindsight makes the most sense. Other aspects of the business in which Sheetz Design has worked on is the Always Open Safe and Lock website, and the Locksmith Identity.

Final Gulf Coastin' Logo

Gulf Coastin'

Gulf Coastin' is a clothing, apparel, and lifestyle company emerging in the Gulf Coast of the United States. Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, Gulf Coastin promotes everything that has to do with the Gulf Coast. The logo is supposed to convey the message of coastin along the Gulf of Mexico, which the type is literally doing. The letter 'G' is composed of a curling wave and blowing palm tree. Both of which are prevalent in the Gulf coastline.

Final Logo

Laura's Delicious Red Grapefruit

Laura's Delicious Rio Red Grapefruit is a local grapefruit orchard based in Bayview, Texas. The center image is meant to deliver the message of healthy grapefruit trees in the sun of south Texas. Ripe with fruit, the grapefruit tree is needing to be picked and sold at the local farmer's market, of which I was recruited to do personally! The two colors of the logo are the main ruby red color of Rio Red Grapefruit, and the secondary color of the skin of most grapefruit. Sheetz Design also supplied website services to the family, which can be viewed on the Laura's Grapefruit Website page.

Final Logo

Good Breeze Kiteboarding

Good Breeze Kiteboarding is a kiteboarding instruction and retail center in Cocoa Beach, FL. Owned and operated by Billy Bosch, Good Breeze Kiteboarding acts as the Ron Jon Surf Shop kiteboarding area. Billy asked me to create a logo that could be easily readable and also have the ability to change when he incorporates more sports. I created the icon to the right, which is the image for a kitesurfing kite, with the intent to swap it out for future sports such as paddleboarding, wakeboarding, etc. The font choice on the bottom is also easily exchangeable as it is a simple but clean Helvetica Neue.

Final FSU Kite Icon

Florida State University Kiteboarding Association

The FSU Kiteboarding Association logo was one of the first added to my portfolio. While attending college at Florida State I joined the kiteboarding club and volunteered my time to generate a recognizable image. Along with fellow kite member we sat down to discuss the overall feel we would like to convey. The triangular shape stemmed from a caution type image. A regular seen image when conditions are intense at the beach, such as heavy winds or seas. The wind blown palm tree also gives the sense of strong winds (necessary for the sport). The logo is still used today within the school's organization.

Final Cloud Link Logo

Cloud Link

Cloud Link

Final Goose Guardian Logo

Goose Guardian

Goose Guardian

Final Logo

The Ocean Place Villas

The Ocean Place Villas

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