TJ Gulizia - Major League Kiteboarding

"Talented, creative, and original... Paul designed our web page from scratch, helping sell our 'post session' soft-goods on-line... "

TJ Gulizia - Co-Owner, Major League Kiteboarding


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Portfolio of Etching, Monotype, Linocut, and Screen Prints

Printmaking can be a beautiful hands on approach to print

Printmaking has an unrivaled ability to produce clean, yet one-of-a-kind works of art, that can be used for both professional and fine art purposes. With advanced process such as silkscreening, linocut, monotype, etching and a host of others, print making is a very established form, that can easily create (and recreate!) multi-layered pieces. Texture is one underlying element that prints are capable of. Creation of fine texture plays a role in the unpredictability of the printmaking process. Please browse through the different prints and processes to find your favorite!

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