Neil McClure Testimonial

"Paul brings a variety of skills to a project. His ability to receive constructive feedback and incorporate changes allows his clients... "

Neil McClure - CEO, TKO Enterprises


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Eminent Font

Hand Drawn Type Designed as a Circus Font

Eminent Font

Eminent Font

Eminent font came from a series of hand-drawn characters that I created over a 4-month time period. This is my second font, and has took increasingly longer to complete. The idea originally came from doing a few hand drawn letters for a t-shirt that I was designing. Unfortunately, the shirt was never produced, but after designing the letterforms, I decided to continue on with the entire alphabet. A - Z, special characters, and numbers create the entire font available for download. The reason I chose the name 'Eminent' stemmed from research I was doing on words to describe the look. Eminent - meaning noble, prominent, high in rank or repute - I believe describes this font. A sort of high status and ornate figures, hand-drawn to bring down to every day use. Also can be contrived as a modern circus font.

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