Jeff Hoxtell - Air Padre

"Sheetz Design has been able to provide us with an array of services in a prompt and professional manner. From stunning graphic art work to... "

Jeff Hoxtell - Owner, Air Padre Kiteboarding


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Illustrative Artwork of Different Mediums

Hand Illustrations for professional and personal purposes

Illustration (drawing) has been an integral part of Sheetz Design since the very beginning. In the developmental years, pen and pencil illustrations created the foundation of the artist's eye. Years later, illustration is still a favorite faction of Sheetz Design, as we feel it delivers the hand-on feel that technology sometimes leaves behind. The ultimate creative expression is made by hand with no restrictions. And implementing this in combination to other design disciplines can convey the most unique look. Please browse the illustrations in the sub-sections of this portfolio to give you an idea of the capabilities of Sheetz Design when drawing by hand.

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