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"As an developer and builder, time and creativity is paramount in any decision I make. Paul designed and implemented a first class web site for me... "

Al Giachetti - President, JAG Homes Design


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High Dynamic Range Photography

Padre Boulevard in HDR

Padre Boulevard in HDR

April 16, 2012 - We had some incredible rainstorms that brought all kinds of weather. Rain, hail, and heavy winds blew through the island. Then, just as soon as it began, the storm passed and left behind some pretty cool clouds that caught the sunset light perfectly. It doesn't rain much on South Padre, so using the street puddles was something that I had to take advantage of while it lasted. There are some more interesting reflection photos that came out of that shoot in the landscape photo gallery.

The Pearl Resort Front

The Pearl Resort and Sapphire Condos

I was recently contracted to shoot a banquet in The Pearl South Padre Resort conference rooms. This gave me the chance to take some HDR shots of the hotel before the ceremony started inside. Looking east, I shot this series of photographs of the impressive South Padre Architecture with a 50mm lens. The Pearl is actually the smaller building on the left, while the twin towers high rise structure is called the Sapphire - ocean front condominiums.

Condos on the Beach

Condos on the Beach

There are numerous condominium complexes on the beaches of South Padre. This stretch of beach, located near Morningside Drive, is home to many residents who get to wake up every morning looking over the dunes to watch the sun rise. Pictured in front are the small wooden fences meant for retaining sand to increase dune size.

Florida Palm Tree in HDR

Florida Keys in HDR

Over Christmas in 2011, I visited my family in south Florida. We took a weekend trip to stay at my uncle's house on Marathon Key in the Florida Keys. The keys is a remarkable place and I strongly suggest visiting in order to experience the pristine waters that are full of marine life. Besides fishing all day with my 7-year old cousin, I snapped a few shots during sunset of the house and palms in the yard.

South Padre Birding and Wildlife Center

The South Padre Island Birding and Wildlife Center is a great place to watch the sunset. The wooden walkways extend way out into the marshes and wetlands that house all a wide variety of animal species including birds, fish, and even an alligator! The location is very peaceful and one of my favorite places to visit on South Padre Island. Check it out if you travel here if you enjoy the outdoors.

Steamers Marina


The Boardwalk Sculpture

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