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"As an developer and builder, time and creativity is paramount in any decision I make. Paul designed and implemented a first class web site for me... "

Al Giachetti - President, JAG Homes Design


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Landscape Photography

Landscape and Nature Photography

Sunsets over the Laguna Madre Bay

The Laguna Madre Bay of South Padre Island creates rich colors post sunset. The shots displayed here are all long exposure, which allow for the saturation of tones and colors into the final image. Amazingly, no post-editing was necessary for these photos; they came right out of the camera as is. In the primary photo - during the 25 second exposure - a large catamaran even passed by, leaving only remnants of its mast light streaking across the top of the photo. The other photos were all taken throughout the year when the clouds and sun lined up, producing amazing views over the water of South Padre Island, Texas.

South Padre Beach Chairs

South Padre Island Beach Chairs

The City of South Padre Island Convention and Visitors Bureau brought me on as a freelance photographer to take pictures of various locations and water sport activities on South Padre. This shot - used for a advertising backdrop - was composed during a sunrise along the north side of the island. Having run around the previous day to gather adequate beach chairs and an umbrella, I set up and waited for the sun to paint color in the sky. Within the umbrella you will see a glowing light, which was a wireless remote flash I placed the underside. The most festinating part of this shot I find is how the sun rays look as if they are illuminating the chairs and umbrella.


Reflections in the Storm Puddles at Sunset

I was recently inspired by some street-view images I saw online where the photographer shot photos of reflections in puddles and then flipped the photos upside down. I got the chance to experiment with this technique myself after a recent rainy storm on South Padre. Focusing on the subject in the reflection as opposed to the pavement, I was able to pull of some pretty dynamic images. When flipped (as shown) they create a sense of uniqueness and curiosity. I personally would have thought someone photoshopped them to get such an unusual shot, but these are straight out of the camera, just simply flipped over. I especially like how the street pavement looks like stars over the trees.

Palm Trees in a Row

Palm Trees in a Row

Sand Dunes at Sunrise

Canon 5D | f/5 | 1/10 | iso3200

Sand Dunes at Sunrise

Seaguls on the Beach at Sunrise

Seagulls on the Beach at Sunrise

The heavy salt air of South Padre makes for very golden sunrises over the Gulf of Mexico. This series is of beach/ ocean landscape views looking into the Gulf of Mexico during sunrises. I wish I could wake up to capture more, but sleeping really gets in the way. Come back soon as I will attempt to wake earlier in order to capture even better morning light.

View of the highway grass to Queen Isabella

Canon 5D | f/1.8 | 1/40 | iso400 | 50mm

View of the highway grass to Queen Isabella

Fog Palms

Fog Palms

Steamers Marina

South Padre Island Boat Marinas

This series attempts to capture the imagery of boat marinas on South Padre Island, Texas. Both sunrises and sunsets look spectacular as viewed through the multiple SPI marinas. I greatly enjoy shooting at these locations because it reminds me of the landscapes along the coast of South Florida.

Airplane Wing at Sunrise

Airplane Wings over Sunrises

This image gallery section will be slowly collecting pictures of airplane wings over sunrises/ sunsets. Even though I am forced to shoot out of a small double paned plastic window portal, I am usually amazed by the magnificent colors that are produced over the horizon when flying 30,000 feet over the earth. A true landscape vantage point that is not seen everyday.

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