Dr. Laura Osteen - Director, Center for Leadership and Civic Education

"I was overwhelmed with joy and surprise at his ability to turn our conversation into a tangible, larger than life statement of my life philosophy... "

Dr. Laura Osteen - Director, Center for Leadership and Civic Education at FSU


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Portrait Photography

Portraiture Photography of Families, Models, and People alike

Family Holding Hands in the Surf

Newly Married Beach Portrait Photos

The beaches of South Padre Island offer up some fantastic natural locations to take portrait photography. In this particular instance, I was hired to capture images of a family recently brought together through marriage. Using the afternoon sunlight on the Gulf of Mexico beach, we were able to obtain some great family pictures shooting into the sun and with it behind us. The receding tide also made for creative reflective shots. Congratulations to the young couple in the last photo who had just found out they had a baby on the way!

Posing on the Beaches

Summer Family Beach Portraits

Remember that one summer you and your family took to the beach when you were a kid? These families are definitely going to remember for the rest of their lives with their beautiful summer family beach portraits. This past summer of 2012, Sheetz Design was contracted on numerous occasions to photograph vacationing families on the beaches of South Padre Island, Texas in order to capture their memories and provide them with something tangible they can take back home. Each family was pleasantly surprised with the images they received through Sheetz Design Photography Services.

Proposal Stance

Janelle and Bryan Allen Wedding Photos

April 6th, 2012 - Janelle and Bryan Allen hired Sheetz Design to take wedding ceremony photos. A unique location was chosen for the actual wedding service - the middle of the Laguna Madre Bay. They rented a floating dock about a half-mile into the bay and transported the attending family members by boat. We used two external flashes to draw out foreground detail and background color. The happily married couple were very excited with the image quality.

Buddy Garcia Accepting Award

South Padre Island - Community Award Ceremony

A series of photographs at the awards ceremony in The Pearl Resort on South Padre. The local politicians and guest speakers took the podium one-by-one to accept awards and address local issues. For these images I set up a wireless flash to the left of camera, and waited for the opportune moment to snap the portraits of the speakers. The photos will be used by the America's Wetland Foundation, and several were also requested by the South Padre Press.

Main Representative

America's Wetland Foundation - Blue Ribbon Resilient

On March 8th, 2012 I was contracted to document the America's Wetland Foundation forum in South Padre Island, Texas. The discussion was between the local business owners, political representatives, environmentalists, and community members and the Gulf of Mexico wetlands conservation team. They discussed future plans, past experiences, and also awarded the City of South Padre Island with a Blue Ribbon Resilient award. I enjoyed the full day shooting portraits from the sidelines. My equipment choice included a Canon 5D Mark II, 50mm f/1.4, and 70-200mm f/4. The camera handled the indoor low light situation amazingly, even though I captured most images at iso3200!


Carroll and Joe Anniversary Photos

Carroll and Joe's daughter approached me to take some portrait photos for their anniversary. We met up at at the beach on South Padre Island to capture some late afternoon sun on the beach. They were both a pleasure to work with, as we took a wide range of photos to capture the perfect set. Here are a few of the best.


Engagement Photos on South Padre Island

Series of engagement photos taken for Mary Claire and Alex Sowell on the beach of South Padre Island, Texas at sunrise. Later, the photos were turned into stamps and magnets to promote their marriage ceremony in Jamaica.


Ben Woodcock Shooting Photos

Ben and I were out shooting kiteboarding, but the kiters were having a hard time performing, so I decided to make Ben the subject. With an wirelessly triggered flash, I was able to really light up ben nicely against the dark skies as he snapped photos.

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