Jeff Hoxtell - Air Padre

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Jeff Hoxtell - Owner, Air Padre Kiteboarding


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Monotype Printmaking

Monotype Prints

Nature, Wind and Power

Nature, Wind and its Power

Nature based monotype prints. Inspiration drawn from the outdoors and wind, especially the feelings I derive while kitesurfing. The Statue of Liberty represents freedom, which I experience much when riding with the wind amongst nature. Futura is the original font. Cut out and used in the press, it generates very geometric and clean letters, which I like for the prints, but also occurs naturally in the world.



Series of pieces displaying the word 'think'. Part of a larger project using 'think' as the main idea - also included in graphic form and sculptures. Meant to invoke thought, no matter what the reason, thinking always leads to better things. Thought will provide a better understanding.

FSU Kiteboard Meeting Poster

FSU Kiteboard Meeting Poster

Series of monotype posters. Used more as a remembrance of the times, as opposed to actually advertising the meeting, as they lack in communication and information. Seen here with a drastic loss in color, as saving from scanned prints degrades the appearance of the inks' natural color. Normally quite bright and vibrant in real life.

"Kites Rise Highest against the Wind, Not With it"

Kites Rise Highest against the Wind, Not With it

Small prints describing a favorite phrase of mine by Winston Churchill, "Kites Rise Highest Against the Wind, Not With it". A quote I have often fell back on, when things become tough. Knowing that the things that stand in your way, will only make you rise to overcome. The rest of the content on the right side is from associated thought on nature.

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