Al Giachetti Testimonial

"As an developer and builder, time and creativity is paramount in any decision I make. Paul designed and implemented a first class web site for me... "

Al Giachetti - President, JAG Homes Design


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Round-Up Font

Hand Drawn Font Designed for The SPI Kite Round-Up

Round-Up Font

Round-Up Font

The Round-Up font was originally created for a kiteboarding contest in South Padre Island, Texas. The event, called the SPI Kite Round-Up, is an annual contest and equipment demo held to promote the City of South Padre Island as a top kiteboarding location. The hand drawn font 'Round-Up' was used across all promotional items, including the website, brochures, apparel, flags, and signs. The font was originally created by hand on paper with black ink pen. Inspired from western style font outlines and then filled in with parallel strokes to add substance. At the time of creation, I was very focused and was able to draw out the majority of the characters in one take. Only using one or two pages to complete the entire alphabet - sometimes design just works out well like that :)

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