Al Giachetti Testimonial

"As an developer and builder, time and creativity is paramount in any decision I make. Paul designed and implemented a first class web site for me... "

Al Giachetti - President, JAG Homes Design


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Major League Kiteboarding

Major League Kiteboarding Website Design and Development

Major League Kiteboarding Website

Major League Kiteboarding

http://www.mlkiteboarding.com/ - Major League Kiteboarding Website

Major League Kiteboarding Store

MLKiteboarding Store

http://mlkiteboarding.com/kite-boarding-clothing-store.php - MLKiteboarding Store

Google Products on MLK

MLKiteboarding Store

http://www.google.com/mlkiteboarding - Google Products on MLK

Things I have learned while creating this website

  1. Javascript Slideshows
  2. Google marchants and Shopping
  3. Store structure using PHP
  4. Music player on pages
  5. Proper use of heading classes for form and function

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